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How can I choose the most suitable tent for myself?

发布日期:2023-06-28 09:31

The May Day holiday has come to an end, but everyone's love for camping remains undiminished. Skycurtains, tents, barbecues, and "tent camping" have become the preferred leisure methods for the public. So how do you choose a tent? The reporter interviewed Zhu Liangcui, Secretary General of the Nanjing Outdoor Sports Association. Yangtse Evening Post/Ziniu Journalist Tang Min

During the May Day holiday, Xuanwu Lake, Zijin Mountain, Niushou Mountain, Tiansheng Bridge Scenic Area, Laoshan Forest Park, Green Expo Park, etc. provided Nanjing people with rich choices for camping. The "tent craze" has rapidly driven the camping economy. According to relevant data, the camping market around the May Day holiday continues to heat up, and the popularity of tourism search related to camping has increased by 117% month on month. Forest camping, park camping, starry sky camping, and parent-child camping have become the most popular camping themes during the May Day holiday.

The core of camping outside the fire circle is to have a suitable tent. Zhu Liangcui told reporters, "The structure of outdoor tents is actually very simple, and the two indispensable components are the fabric and bracket. The most important function of the outer layer material of outdoor tent fabric is waterproofing. Usually used in parks and other venues, choose within 1000mm; for outdoor camping, choose above 1000mm, the larger the value, the better the waterproofing performance

As for the selection of tent types, Zhu Liangcui said, "If divided according to the applicable environment, it can be divided into alpine tents and tourist tents. The price of alpine tents is relatively high, and these types of tents not only provide basic temporary living, but also can withstand wind and rain, suitable for harsh environments. Tourist tents are relatively cheap and have a simple production process, only suitable for camping or outings, not suitable for harsh environments

In addition, when choosing tents, one often encounters the question of whether to choose a three season tent or a four season tent. Zhu Liangcui introduced, "Three season tents are suitable for spring, summer, and autumn. The inner tent is relatively breathable, but its stability is slightly poor, and it is suitable for use in relatively stable climate environments in low altitude areas. Four season tents are suitable for use in spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The inner tent is more windproof, has good stability and warmth, and is suitable for use in high altitude or outdoor cold climate environments. Generally, buying a three season tent for camping is enough

So what size tent should we choose? Zhu Liangcui said, "When choosing an outdoor tent, you must pay attention to the size of the tent. The number of people living in the tent, as well as the height and weight of the people living in the tent, should be taken into account to avoid choosing a smaller product." Zhu Liangcui also introduced a trick: "A tent that is appropriately large will be relatively comfortable, and it is best to use a number of people+1, such as buying a 2-person tent for 1 person and a 3-person tent for 2 people

In addition, as an experienced outdoor sports manager, Zhu Liangcui also provided some details that need to be noted for friends who participate in tent camping, Tents must be pitched on sturdy and hard ground, never on riverbed, riverbank, or other places. Moreover, when camping, it is best to face south or southeast, and the entrance should be leeward. If camping in a group, all tent doors should face the same direction, and tents and tents should not be close together. It is best to maintain a distance of one meter or more. "In terms of safety precautions, Zhu Liangcui also reminded, She said, "Don't bring open flames into the tent. Many of the interior of the tent is made of pure cotton