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Selection method of camping tent

发布日期:2023-03-03 16:38

In recent years, outdoor camping has become the most popular outdoor leisure activity. If you are just entering the outdoor leisure activity of camping, the first necessary equipment is tents! However, as a novice camper, you will feel that there are so many kinds of tents, and there are also various brands. You can't understand the functions and specifications, and you don't know how to start. Let's teach you how to choose a suitable tent!

Tent style

1. Triangle tents: Most of them are of double-layer structure, with herringbone iron pipes as the support at the front and back, and a cross bar in the middle to connect them. The internal tent can be supported, and the external tent can be installed. The erection is relatively complex, but the wind resistance and thermal insulation are relatively good, which is the most common tent style in the early stage, and is suitable for mountaineering and exploration.

2. Dome-shaped tent: It is supported by two poles, which is easy to disassemble, light in weight and easy to carry. It is the most popular tent on the market at present and suitable for leisure travel.

3. Hexagonal tent: The hexagonal tent adopts three-pole or four-pole cross support, and some adopt six-pole design, which pays attention to the stability of the tent, and is a common style of "mountain type" tent.

4. Boat bottom tent: It looks like a small boat that is buckled back, and can be divided into two poles and three poles. Generally, the middle is the bedroom, and the two ends are the hall shed. In design, it pays attention to the windproof streamline, which is also one of the common tent styles.

5. Ridge tent: It is shaped like an independent small tiled house, supported by four columns at four corners, and supported by a ridge-like structural roof. This kind of tent is generally tall and bulky, suitable for motorists or relatively fixed field work camping, so it is called a vehicle-mounted tent.

The tent is actually a shelter in the outdoor altitude environment. It supports us on the ground to shelter us from wind, rain and sunshine, and can provide temporary living functions. If it is used in the middle and high areas, it generally has a considerable thermal function. In particular, the functions of tents in different shapes, structures, materials and application scenarios are also different.

How to buy tents

1. Tent size (number of users)

The general rule is to calculate the width of at least 65cm for one person. For example, if two people use it, the width of at least 130cm is required, and the length is generally not less than 2m.

It should be noted that if the weight bearing is considered for hiking camping, it can be calculated directly according to the above method, and generally it is single/double account. However, if you drive directly to the camping site, you can choose+1 or+2 according to the actual demand. For example, if two adults use it, you can choose three account. Children with strong stature can be converted and added by themselves~~

In addition, if there are children or pet peers, it is also recommended to choose a larger size. If there is a large demand for space, it can be considered to bring a lobby or match with a canopy.

2. Waterproof coefficient (waterproof for outer tent, breathable for inner tent)

The outer tent is waterproof and the inner tent is breathable. Two essential points for high-quality tents.

The most common tent coating is PU coating. PU is a polyurethane polymer organic compound. PU coating is a stable and low temperature resistant coating, which is often used on various fabrics.

The thickness of PU coating and coating technology determine the waterproof property of the fabric. The coating thickness is expressed in mm, indicating the static waterproof column height of the coating under laboratory conditions.

The PU800 coating shows that the coating is impermeable under 800 mm static water column. PU800 coating can prevent light to moderate rain.

The coating of PU1000-1200 can prevent moderate to heavy rain.

More than 1500mm coating can be used in various environments.

The tent cloth is generally made of breathable fabric. The breathability of breathable fabric is bidirectional. When the outside humidity is high, moisture will also penetrate into the fabric. The texture of nylon cloth mainly depends on the quality of nylon yarn, textile density, dyeing technology and textile process. In terms of density, there are 170T, 190T, 210D and higher nylon fabrics.

3. Strength and resilience of stay rod

The tent tent poles must have high strength and good resilience. At present, the best tent pole is carbon pole, down is aluminum alloy, down is glass fiber, and finally is iron pole (almost useless except for the army).

The wind resistance of the tent is not only related to the texture and diameter of the tent pole, but also to the number of groups of tent poles. Generally speaking, the more the number of tent poles, the better the wind resistance.

4. The bottom of the account should be waterproof and wear-resistant

The bottom of the account shall be waterproof, strong and wear-resistant. The common materials for the bottom of the account are PE cloth and waterproof polyester cloth. PE tent bottom is used for middle and low grade tents, and waterproof polyester cloth is used for middle and high grade tents. PE is polyethylene material, similar to low-grade snakeskin bags. In fact, PE material with double-sided waterproof film is used in tents, including a large number of export tents. The bottom of the tent touches the ground and is easily scratched by debris such as gravel, grass roots and branches. Therefore, before outdoor camping, the hard objects on the ground should be cleaned, or the tent floor cloth should be used to pave the ground as a protective layer. 420D wear-resistant Oxford cloth is generally used for tent floor cloth.

5. Choose a tent with front and rear doors or windows

The tent with front and rear doors or windows is more conducive to ventilation, ensuring the air circulation in the tent, and will not feel stuffy when used. In this regard, the new quick-opening tent is better designed and has better ventilation.

6. Reasonable design

The tent design should be reasonable, and there should be enough ground and windproof ropes. Auxiliary accessories such as packaging bags, tent nails, tent ropes also affect the use of tents. The packaging bag should be strong and durable, the number of tent nails should be enough, the strength of aluminum nails should be large, and the tent rope should be used to fix the tent.


In fact, the most important thing to choose a tent is to see the number of users, then the climate, and the environment of the places we need to go. These recommendations are suitable for overnight use. If we want to stay overnight, in fact, it is more appropriate to choose a canopy for parks or some relatively wide places. Finally, I hope everyone can choose a satisfactory tent.