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How to build "Poetry and the Distance" in a tent?

发布日期:2023-06-28 09:30

The beautiful scenery composed of blue sky, blue sea, coconut forests, grasslands, mountains, rivers and streams attracts people to go out and enjoy leisure time. Every weekend, the seaside, rural areas, scenic forests, and riverbanks all become amusement parks, and camping enthusiasts come to nature to "gather" and have a close contact with nature.

In recent years, with the diversification of travel methods, camping has become a new choice for people to get close to nature and enjoy a comfortable life. Many people use tents to build their own "poetry and distance". As a new form of tourism, camping is injecting new vitality into the revived cultural tourism industry and becoming a new growth point for tourism consumption.

Camping tourism is popular and has become popular

Rapid innovation in business formats after localization in China

According to media reports, since the end of February this year, with the warming weather across the country, orders for multiple camping sites have gradually become "hot". Weekends are booked up in advance, and the camp owner said, "Business is getting better day by day, getting up early day by day, and the most urgent thing at present is to recruit a satisfactory camp commander

Yu Haibo, associate professor of the School of Tourism and Service of Nankai University, told the reporter that camping originated from outdoor activities and encampment for human hunting, nomadism, migration or military needs. In 1908, Thomas Hiram Holding, an Englishman, wrote a "Camper's Handbook", which was regarded by many as the beginning of the history of modern camping. In 1993, the World Recreational vehicle Association (FICC) was established, marking that camping tourism has become a mature business form, which has undergone the transformation from the original tent camping to RV camping to diversification, and has become an important leisure project for modern urban residents.

"European and American campsites are mostly located in beautiful forests, lakes, beaches and grasslands," Yu Haibo said. Most camping enthusiasts drive to the campsite for vacation or parking breaks, and the campsite provides moderate facilities and services for tourists. With the gradual development of camping tourism, both domestic and international camping tourism has begun to have professional operation and management institutions and comprehensive camping tourism service guarantees. The camping camp is not only equipped with vehicle supply and parking infrastructure, but also provides multifunctional comprehensive services such as rental of outdoor equipment, accommodation, entertainment, shopping, sports, vacation, health preservation, etc., to meet people's travel needs of returning to nature, enjoying freedom, outdoor travel, and self driving sightseeing.

Zhao Pan, the general manager of Lingfeng Outdoor Club, told reporters that they are a club engaged in the field of outdoor sports, covering sports such as mountaineering and camping. We started camping tourism in 2019, "said Manager Zhao Pan. The most important aspect of camping tourism is the location of the camping site, as many campers have already prepared their own equipment, and the safety of the campsite is their top concern.

Every time their club organizes camping trips, they first check the relevant qualifications of the camping site in advance, and must give up camps that do not meet safety requirements. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of campers, they will also arrive at the campsite a few days in advance to verify the safety of the actual location of the campsite. If it is a commercial campsite, it is also necessary to check the relevant supporting facilities, such as water, electricity, etc