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The camping economy is heating up again

发布日期:2023-06-28 09:30

Find a piece of green space, prop up a canopy, set up a tent, prepare a table of delicious food, have a night chat with three or five friends around the stove, fall asleep with the starry sky, wake up in the morning light... The heat has dissipated, the autumn atmosphere is strong, and the camping economy is heating up again. More and more people hope to use this method to search for 'poetry and distance' in nature. Driven by "camping+", the entire industry chain is shining with unprecedented vitality and vitality.


Eating in the tent is even more delicious

The sun gradually moved westward, and the scorching light in the afternoon became gentle. Under the Khaki sky, Ms. Lin was comfortably half lying in the armchair, with a wireless speaker connected to her mobile phone beside her, flowing melodious music. Starting from the night before, she had been stationed at the Canal Culture Square in Tongzhou District for nearly 24 hours with her camping equipment, but still couldn't bear to "sell".

I just like to stay outside, "Ms. Lin said with a smile. Her home is not far from the square. The night before, I took a walk and found it very lively. Many people were setting up tents inside, and I felt a bit strange. I never heard before that the square allows tents to be set up. Upon asking, I realized that the tent festival was held on weekends and the square was open for a limited time. It happened that we had camping equipment in our car all the time, so we quickly pulled on the equipment and arrived

The tent and canopy set up by Ms. Lin at the camping event

After entering, there was not much space left on the lawn. Ms. Lin picked up a corner and set up a tent. The whole family didn't go back together until late at night. Her husband took the children to sleep at home. She took a bath and rode a Motorized scooter back to the tent for the night. I heard there is also a well-known brand tent experience, but I didn't buy tickets this time. If I know about an event next time, I will also buy tickets to experience it

The "Tent Festival" referred to by Ms. Lin was actually the first two-day Beijing camping conference last weekend. The conference was hosted by Beijing Social Sport management Center, Tongzhou District Sports Bureau, and hosted by Tongzhou District Social Sports Affairs Center and Beijing Dexian Sports Culture Co., Ltd. The campsite, RV experience area, tent display area, etc. were planned on site.

A neat white tent was set up on site, looking particularly artistic. "" At night, there was also an outdoor movie on the big screen, sitting on the grass, as if returning to childhood. "... The camping conference provided a joyful feast for many enthusiasts.

During the reporter's on-site visit, although the camping event was nearing its end, many tents of different shapes were still held under the shade of the trees.

Sitting in the tent makes the food even more delicious, "sighed Aunt Sun, who accompanied her daughter and her family on a trip. She also enjoyed snacks and fruits along with the outdoor scenery, feeling different. As he spoke, the little grandson rode a balance bike to approach him. The old man lovingly wiped his sweat, and the child quickly ran away. Not far away, the slightly undulating terrain is covered in green grass, like a continuous small mountain slope. People either pursue sports or lie and sit idle. Some people don't have a canopy or even tables and chairs, and can enjoy themselves by spreading a blanket.

Camping is just a way for adults to have fun. When I was a child, I didn't have fun, but now I have fun. "Ms. Lin fiddled with the tea set on the table," Actually, sleeping outside, how could it be